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Additional Information of FINAL FANTASY IX for Android

Category: Adventure
Compatible with: 4.1
Version: 1.5.2
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 32M
Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 11/ 14
MOD: Yes

Description for FINAL FANTASY IX APK

The super-popular Square Enix title returns to Android devices! Selling more than five million sold copies worldwide from release in 2000, until now. Behold, Final Fantasy IX 1.4.9 APK for download.

Zidane and party are taking their quest to the smaller screen portable devices. Therefore, you can enjoy the game from any location, at all times! Best of all, the entire experience is at no extra costs.

Relive the Events of Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX mobile follows the same story at the console release. The heir of Alexandria has been kidnapped! However, main character Zidane soon realize the princess already dreamed of an escape. Furthermore, the group is led into a grand adventure, after a plethora of events transpire!

Fan-favorite characters like Vivi make their return to mobile. Play alongside them all and save the world from the malevolent forces at work.

Core Features

Enjoy all of the great additions to Final Fantasy IX Android…



Gain new abilities through the use of equip items! In addition, when you fully master these abilities, they can be utilized without equipping items. Ultimately, leading to powerful combinations and characters.


Enter Trance Mode and unleash overwhelming and devastating moves!

In Final Fantasy IX 1.4.9 APK you can enter Trance Mode, when fully charged. Blast whatever comes your way with enhanced attacks!


Synthesis is a returning mechanic to Final Fantasy IX for Android. Your items will never be left to waste or fill up space. Furthermore, you can combine any items together to create even more powerful and useful materials.


Also, many fun minigames are featured to pass the time. It wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy game without fun activities on the side. The perks of a JRPG. And for perfectionists, completing these games can earn you some serious rewards.

Other additions in Final Fantasy IX Mobile

  • Achievements✨
  • 7 Game enhancing features, including encounter modes and faster speeds. ✨
  • Autosave Features✨
  • HD cinematic scenes and character models. ✨


Finally, a quick note to first time users of this download. The Final Fantasy IX download is, on average, a large size. Meaning, you should stay connected to the internet while downloading. Also, make sure to have at least 4GB prepared in advance for all of the additional data required to enjoy the game.

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