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Find the Difference – The Detective is a fantastic Find the Difference game that takes the classic format and turns it into an exciting Android game. You can now download this funny game as an apk without using the Google Play Store.

Find the Difference, or Spot the Difference, was an ancient Mayan invention that helped determine when the Sun God was pleased with the people’s actions. Wise men among the tribe were responsible for performing a fortnightly Spot the Difference ritual. Those who could spot the difference were saved to perform the ritual once more for the gods, those that failed were sacrificed upon the steps of the Sun Temple.

In The Detective you’re solving less important puzzles. Here’s a rundown of the best features.

Why play The Detective?

  • Great graphics that enhance the Puzzle rather than make them more difficult. A common issue we’ve seen in our thousands of Spot the Difference games played is that often the graphics and design of the levels detracts from the puzzle. How so? If the graphics are complicated then puzzles are inherently harder!
  • Simple gameplay mechanics alongside the easy-on-the-eye graphics. You just have to collect 5 clues within a limited time. Not too difficult, although the levels do get progressively harder.
  • Currently there are 20+ levels to play through with more added all the time. The game is still quite new so you can expect plenty of upgrades to keep coming. Inside these 20 levels are a whopping 1000+ puzzles to solve. Awesome.
  • The built in hint system is great and how the game introduces ads into the works. This is much better than aggressively you showing you adverts and something many game studios should learn from.

Overall, you should definitely give this game a go if you like Find the Difference puzzles. The detective element puts a great twist on this classic format by providing some sort of storyline behind mindlessly clicking and finding the missing pieces.

Download this apk and get playing now!

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