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What’s up fellow noob masters? My crystal ball tells me you’re here because you’re craving a downright dirty game of Fortnite, and you heard its available on your cellular device.


Additional Information of Fortnite Mobile for Android

Category: Action
Version: 11.31.1
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Size: 212M
Developer: Epic Games
Updated: 2019/ 06/ 07
MOD: Yes

Description for Fortnite Mobile APK

Well, the gaming Gods favour you today. Because not only is this true, but I’ll also be guiding you through the process and throwing in some cheeky tips to go from rookie to whizz in Fortnite for Android overnight.

You don’t need me to tell you how great Fortnite is. Amassing over 20 million players in a matter of weeks, it’s a global phenomenon. And if your friends haven’t heard of it, you should probably disown them, because the game deserves every bit of praise it gets.

Now call me biased, but before Fortnite we only saw one other battle royale game, and it wasn’t overly exciting. Boring, military style weapons and gameplay made for a decent, but not extraordinary experience.

That all changed when Fortnite came to town. Whacky avatars, vivid graphics, crazy vehicles and rubber duck melee weapons. It was weird and wonderful, and we didn’t know we needed it so much until it was at our door.

You can easily find several other BR genre games being released in recent times, but none can really hold a candle to Fortnite except Apex Legends. But can you play Apex on your phone? Absolutely not. So, with that being said, Fortnite still holds the crown for most entertaining battle royale game out there.

Here’s how you can get it on Android.

How to install Fortnite on Android

Stay safe out there. We’ve been waiting a long time for Fortnite to be available on Android. Therefore, there’s a lot of sketchy dudes offering fraudulent versions. Here’s how to do it the right way.

  1. The one and only place you should download Fortnite is from the game’s developers themselves. Head over to and hit the big yellow button.
  2. Hit Download
  3. Allow unknown sources on your device
  4. Press Install
  5. Get to ass whoopin.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Because this is an official release from Fortnite, it’s guaranteed to be safe and secure. However, we recommend disabling “Downloads from unknown sources” once again in your Android’s settings.

Tips for Fortnite success

You may be a beginner, or a seasoned vet. Either way, let me dish out some words of wisdom from one avid gamer to another.

Find your style

This is crucial, and only comes with practice. You need to continually play to figure out what suits you best. For example, do you have more success staying in the middle of the map, bunking up and holding position while you spray bullets outwards in all directions? Or do you take a more tactful approach, sticking to the outside of the map, picking your opponents off one by one?

Or is it a combination of both? Only time and experience will give you these answers.

Perfect your landing

Needless to say, this is incredibly important. Not only should you plan your landing position, you should execute it properly. This means skydiving to the ground as quickly as possible by holding forward directionally. Once your parachute deploys, make sure there’s still a bit of distance so you can lean forward and cover more distance while reaching the ground quicker.

Embrace the storm

The big purple haze of death will chew you up and spit you out if you get caught in it. But, if you stick to the edge of it, you’ll be safer as most players tend to congregate towards the middle of the map. It’s a great way to pick off your opponent’s while continually moving closer to the middle of the map. It also means you can’t be flanked (unless a mad man comes running in from the storm).

The verdict

The verdict is out – you really don’t need to look past Fortnite for Android when it comes to BR games. It really is still a fun game to play, and the fact that it’s free makes it all the sweeter.

Hopefully with these tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to dominating at Fortnite. And who knows, if you get good enough you could start streaming on Twitch and get paid 10x the average American salary for sitting on your ass playing video games all day. Just like all the other streamers out there.

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