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Additional Information of Garena Free Fire for Android

Category: Action
Compatible with: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)
Version: 1.47.0
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 41.34 MB
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 08
MOD: Yes

Description for Garena Free Fire APK

Download Garena Free Fire APK for Android and get stuck into what has already been heralded by critics as one of the messiest, addictive battle royale games to grace the small screens in years. This brutal hellscape is brought to you by developers, 111dots, and published by Garena, which basically guarantees a decent server for players, but also ensures that Garena Free Fire is one of the more exceptional survival mode games on the market these days.

Catch Your Last Flight with Garena Free Fire – Download Garena Free Fire APK Free

You start waiting for a plane with 49 other players who you can have a crack at straight from the off – if you fancy re-enacting the Rocky movies by bashing in the faces of the other players before the game even starts, feel free. Violence is heartily condoned in Free Fire so don’t be afraid to test your strength on some guy’s face.

Anyway, once the plane arrives to scoop you all up, what we see in Free Fire is probably a little closer to PUBG than Fortnite, but as the plane swoops over the island, you make the judgement call as to when to jump out. It’s a decision worth thinking about because if you bungle it, you’ll find yourself floating down to an immediate death.

Luck of the Draw – Survival Tactics for Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is unlike a lot of mobile battle royale games in that it offers a pretty comprehensive version for Android devices – the APK version of Garena Free Fire shows a serious dedication to the inbuilt game engine as the gameplay remains as smooth as poop through a goose, without compromising on graphics. The lag is minimal, the motions fluid and the physics are startlingly high grade for a mobile game, as such there’s a real element of skill to not being turned into a red mist of bullet-shredded human pulp.

Staying alive in Garena Fire Fight takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you activate your parachute too early and end up floating peacefully down onto the battlefield some time after other players have already started hoarding weapons and ammo. It’s completely free to download Free Fire, but life within the game is cheap as a result – you can be shot out of the sky before you’ve even had a whiff of a weapon.

Realistically, your best bet as a beginner is to find shelter, try to avoid other humans in the early stage of the game and try to track down a weapon. There are a lot of very good players on Garena Free Fire – it’s been available as a free download for Android for some time now, so if you’ve just downloaded Free Fire, you need to master the basics and get accustomed with the Free Fire way of life (and death) before you charge the enemy.

Choosing a Weapon on Free Fire – Download Garena Free Fire for Free to Lock and Load

Your weapon will be your best friend and definitely your best chance of being the last man standing at the end of Free Fire’s bloody 10 minute battle royale, but not all weapons are equal and your chance of getting something good is completely random.

Ranging from melee weapons such as a baseball bat or a frying pan, you stand a far better chance with some of the ranged weaponry on offer in Free Fire. If you’re lucky, you’ll land somewhere nearby a submachine gun, an assault rifle or a sniper rifle, but there are also shotguns, handguns and even a grenade launcher littered about the island.

Choosing the right weapon will determine the style of play you want to adopt, because there’s no use getting to higher ground if you’ve only got a frying pan. When you download Garena Free Fire, you’re really entering into a lottery of violence and even the best of players will find themselves being killed off early in some games if they don’t get good weapons early on.

There are also health packs and bulletproof vests, but again – without the right weapon, you’re just delaying your own brutal death and in Free Fire, death comes swiftly.

Take the Garena Free Fire Road Trip

Download Garena Free Fire APK for Android and access a whole host of vehicles with which to run riot across the island. Some are definitely safer than others, but the main use of these vehicles isn’t so much about getting you into the heart of the action, but rather to get you into the ever-shrinking safe zone. More and more of the map will not be safe as the game goes on, as a way to force players into a smaller space where they must fight to survive.

Free Fire borrows from other battle royale style games in this respect, but Free Fire’s vehicles allow you to rapidly get across the 10km island in pretty good time. This is important for the game dynamic where you need to get your ass into the safe zone to avoid elimination.

Why Download Garena Free Fire?

What 111dots have created with Garena Free Fire APK is a stunning and rich mobile game, one that rapidly becomes addictive as you constantly want to do slightly better than the last time. Plus the game’s popularity in Southeast Asia means that it’s compatible with a lot of low-mid level phones, so while this means the graphics are not quite as in-depth as some of the other games, it does make Free Fire a great free APK game to run quickly and casually.

It’s a fun addition to the battle royale series of games that seems to have captured the gaming imagination lately, better still – it’s free. You can download Garena Free Fire APK for free right here, right now and see how long you survive. What are you waiting for? Download Free Fire now and get on that plane, it’s time to go.

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