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Garfield Rush is a brand new Endless Running game you can download as an apk. Styled in the same fashion of Temple Run and Subway Surfers, Garfield Rush takes the famous cat and puts him through his greatest test. How far can this fat feline run?

What sets Garfield Rush apart from other Endless Running games?

The formula is timeless. Run as far as you can get while collecting coins, gems or whatever other valuable item the game developer has dreamed up this time.

While you try to collect all these goodies there is a whole world of pain waiting for you in the numerous obstacles that lie in your path. In Garfield Rush you need to dodge vehicles…sound familiar?

We suppose you can play as Garfield, Odie and Nermal along the journey. If you don’t know who these people are (one of which is an animal) then we suggest you get some culture inside of you. Immediately. Stuff it in your face like a hot, steaming Lasagna layered up with cheddar cheese!

Mention food, we’re rushing towards the goodies in Garfield Rush

The developers have taken some efforts, it seems, to adhere somewhat to the canon universe of Garfield. Despite being a shameless rip-off/cash-grab of other popular APK downloadable Endless running games, YOU CAN EAT LOTS OF DIFFERENT FOOD. Lasagna, Pizza, Ice Cream, Hot Dogs, Burgers…MMM. We are hungry while writing this so, you know.


Download and play Garfield Rush today if you love this fat cat and his less-fat but equally-as-charming mates.


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