GunboundM Mod APK 1.0.246

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Additional Information of GunboundM for Android

Category: Strategy
Compatible with: Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Version: 1.0.246
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 99.80 MB
Developer: DargomStudio Co.,Ltd
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 24
MOD: Yes

Description for GunboundM APK

Oh, Gunbound. A game that countless people enjoyed around the world on the once popular gaming website, iJJi. Cast deep into the strange depths of the internet and seemingly forgotten about (like the other popular game from the era, Drift City) GunboundM now makes a return to the world of gaming with a mobile version.

If you live outside of the U.S or Europe, you will need to use an APK to play this game. Don’t worry – you can still play the game online even if you are region-locked out of the Google Play Store!

Many of the mechanics will feel familiar to any of those of you out there who had the pleasure of playing the original game. Graphics-wise there has been significant changes but you’ll recognize the models and different mobiles you can use.

Alright, we get it, what actually is Gunbound?

The main premise of Gunbound is a bit like Worms. And if you’ve never played Worms…

You choose your rider and your mobile. Each mobile has a different kind of shot. These teams then compete against each other by firing projectiles at each other. You must use precise aim and work around the wind to pull off impressive shots.

We’ve seen some crazy stuff and some very experienced Sniper-like players eviscerating less-skilled players.

Each Mobile has pros and cons. Some will have better AOE damage, faster movement, and so on. All of these do add a competitive twist to the game.

Ranked mode

To add a consistent competitive nature to the gameplay, DargomStudio Co. LTD have come up with a great ranked mode. You start off in the Wooden League and must work your way up. You can join a clan to help you out in the start with gameplay tips and tricks.

Battle Training

For those unfamiliar with these sorts of games, GunboundM has a cool training mode at the start of the game. In this mode you can play against the A.I in increasingly difficult levels. You even get a reward while playing!

Complex gameplay…

Many more gimmicky elements have been added to the game over time. That’s why some people have complained about the pay-to-win elements in GunboundM. This primarily comes in the form of gems and a level-up system for your team and mobiles.

Another element that we miss from the original game is the fact that you – and you online – play your team. In the old days your team would be comprised of other players. This added a more competitive and more communal feel to the game, though we understand why they have chosen to go for a 1v1 format for Mobile.

Overall, Here’s a Rundown of the Best Features

  • First up, GunboundM is a WORLD-WIDE game. This means you can play against real people from all over the world in intense PVP combat.
  • Each team consists of 3 different mobiles.
  • What are mobiles? There are all sorts of different vehicles, or cannons. These are your main method of attack. Over 15 to choose from with over 45 weapons to utilize.
  • There is Season support in GunboundM which keeps things fresh over and over. Compete to top the leaderboards, over which competition is fierce.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master. One of the best features of this game by far.

Overall, we love GunboundM. It’s a game we’ve already sunk a fair bit of time into. Somewhat for the nostalgia factor – even parts of the music are the same – but also because this is a fun, competitive mobile game. Download it as a mobile APK now!

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