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Additional Information of Hay Day for Android

Category: Casual
Compatible with: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)
Version: 1_46_150
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 124.59 MB
Developer: Supercell
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 21
MOD: Yes

Description for Hay Day APK

Download Hay Day APK and lose yourself in the simple life of farming to stay alive. Never before has the thrill of scrounging together a subsistence farming existence been so accessible to so many! There may be a pretty crowded market out there for farming games on Android, but Hay Day APK laughs in the face of the opposition. Brought to you by Supercell, the Swedish company that created Clash of Clans, Hay Day APK is a head rush of agricultural jargon, laid back days of planting and harvesting, before finally you’re plunged into the ultimate fight for survival, battling against pests, weather and a market slump.

Let’s face it, as far as industries go, agriculture’s not had the best run of it over the last century. Not since having it’s ass kicked by the Industrial Revolution has agriculture enjoyed the popularity it used to back when the plague was still a thing. Supercell’s decision to revamp the farming world in a more user-friendly, fun-loving way is a nice homage to the simpler times, when humans lived and died in the fields. Hay Day is an out and out nod towards the pre-industrial times and makes no bones about what it wants to celebrate – the casual joy of farming.

Hay Day and the Mobile Game Agricultural Revolution

Cast your mind back to the heady days of the Middle Ages and you’ll remember that back in the early 1300s, more than 75% of the world’s population were engaged in agriculture as a profession – not because it was fun or they enjoyed making scarecrows, but because the alternative was to be born into aristocracy or to die on the streets. Tilling a field might be fun in Hay Day, but in the stark reality of the Middle Ages, it was a back-breaking necessity that, if you decided you couldn’t be bothered, would see your whole family slide into nonexistence as starvation or cholera took you down one by one.

Flash forward to 2018 and now almost 10% of the world’s population are professional farmers, with certain economically developed countries boasting a rate of agricultural employment as low as 2% – like in America for example. So while farming has fallen out of favour in the real world, there’s been a bizarre resurgence in agricultural gaming that’s swept through the Android environment. The digital agricultural revolution is here and you can be a part of it simply by downloading Hay Day APK free here.

In a society where the majority of people are employed in non-skilled ‘soft’ labour – that is to say, labour that doesn’t involve much in the way of physical work – it’s easier to see why people have found a strange passion for farming, even if they’re not actually engaged in it. Hay Day lets you simulate the outdoorsy lifestyle and lures you in with the pleasures of the simple life, but it’s a startlingly simplified version of what actual farming is like.

Hay Day seeks to entertain, farmers in real life just hope to survive another cold snap. Hay Day lets you build your farm rapidly, whereas the reality for most farmers is dire economic circumstances, competition from huge corporate farms and the very real prospect of their industry dying out, given that young people are more interested in playing Hay Day APK on their Android device than they are actually learning how to manage a farm.

What do you do in Hay Day APK?

Download Hay Day APK to unlock your inner agricultural ambitions! You get to choose which crops you want to grow, plant them, harvest them, sell them, grow your business and maybe expand into new territory – not by farming marijuana, but rather through moving beyond mere arable farming and into the loud, stinky mess of pastoral farming. Get some livestock on Hay Day APK and then your adventure really begins.

Crops are easy, anyone can farm crops of Hay Day – even a recently concussed toddler would stand a good chance of making some corn appear edible, but animals are a whole different ball game and even on Hay Day, which makes farming look unnaturally desirable and attainable, you need to put a fair bit of work in to make sure your pigs don’t go full cannibal on one another.

Hay Day won’t actually show you the gruesome reality of raising pigs, because Hay Day APK is a child-friendly game with a helpful scarecrow, but don’t forget – a pig in real life would gladly carve through your bones like butter if it got the chance. Pigs are hungry creatures, intelligent and capable of consuming a whole human body in less than an hour. Something to think about when you’re choosing your livestock on Hay Day.

About that scarecrow – he’s sort of like a mildly less irritating version of that stupid goddamn paperclip on Microsoft Office who’s always interrupting you to tell you how to do something that you’re already doing. The scarecrow from Hay Day is actually of more use, since he’ll guide you through the tutorial of Hay Day, which mercifully skips over the brutalities of agricultural life.

Having reached the pinnacle of existence, Hay Day is the most popular farming game in over 122 countries, people have clicked download Hay Day APK more than 10 million times and bizarrely, only 5 million of those people have rated Hay Day a 5 star game.

All the same, for a game that brazenly brushes over the realities of suffering that farmers deal with on a daily basis, it has become wildly popular, especially with inner-city types who wear suits and are one more HR meeting away from a full-blown mental breakdown – you know the breakdown I’m talking about, we’ve all seen that one guy from accounting take all his clothes off, defecate violently into his own hands and run about the office smearing his mess on innocent colleagues and co-workers.

Don’t let it happen to you, de-stress – take time out of your busy day to play Hay Day APK for a little while just so you can calm yourself with the sight of chickens cheerily picking at the dirt. At least you’re not a chicken, Hay Day will remind you that you’re not in fact a chicken, but a fully realised human being and Hay Day will teach you that you deserve to be treated like a prize hog at the county fair, not like some basic battery chicken.

Hay Day will remind you that you matter, that you’re life is a wonderful adventure and that you have the luxury of being able to sit on your arse pretending to farm on a screen. You should download Hay Day APK for precisely these reasons.

Download Hay Day APK now – do it or you might forget you’re human and start thinking you’re a chicken, which isn’t great, so just do it now, download Hay Day APK free right here. When you download Hay Day APK, you’re downloading a coping mechanism that appeals to anyone who’s never actually worked on a farm. Download Hay Day free here.

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