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Hello Neighbor
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Download Hello Neighbor APK Free and turn your Android device into a terrifying nightmare experience as you desperately try to uncover the mystery of your exceedingly creepy neighbour, who’s got something to hide, but what?

Ever wanted to follow through with your childhood curiosity and explore the basement of that haunted-looking house on the block? Unless you grew up in a stately home, then you probably know the impulse to casually break into your neighbour’s home, purely because they have a strange moustache and wear distinct sweater-vests – the ones that scream “I’m on the sex offenders list!”

Hello Neighbor is a free horror game on Android that lets you do just that. From the start where your ball goes bouncing off down the street, you find yourself stood outside the dilapidated looking house that will then be the focus of your attention for the duration of the game. Hello Neighbor succeeds in injecting real moments of horror and suspense in an otherwise cartoonish universe, but after witnessing some strange and inexplicable events from outside, the unnamed child protagonist of Hello Neighbor boldly decides to investigate.

Get Creeped Out, Not Kicked Out – Download Hello Neighbor APK for Android

Hello Neighbor is definitely a game for all you beautiful puzzle addicts. If you like pitting your intelligence against the game developer’s then Hello Neighbor offers you plenty of opportunities to do so, but be warned – you might not always win.

Hello Neighbor relies on a mix of stealth, speed and puzzle-solving for you to navigate your creepy neighbour’s house where things just keep getting stranger and stranger. To make things worse, old paedo-tash continues to romp around the house, hunting for you while you try to uncover his dark secrets. When you download Hello Neighbor, you’re left with not only a stellar game, but a lingering sense of paranoia – who knows what weird, depraved acts your neighbours are up to?

Advance through the levels of mysterious puzzles, collect clues and dodge the creepy neighbour who pursues you through his house and this is the essence of Hello Neighbor APK – the mobile version for Android is a tad different from the PC version, but the spooky sensation of being moments away from being caught endures through both.

I Don’t Like Being Scared, Why Should I Download Hello Neighbor APK?

  • Stop being a baby, it’s a great game for Android and you have nothing better to do with your life
  • Fantastic plotline that only escalates as you progress through the game
  • Crazy advanced AI that learns from your mistakes – even if you don’t!
  • Brilliantly thought out puzzles that require the best and brightest

If you don’t download Hello Neighbor APK for Android, you’re really selling yourself short – the whole point of Android is so that games like this can be enjoyed across a range of devices, meaning you can get creeped out by your neighbour’s moustache any time, any place. Download Hello Neighbor APK now and get to the bottom of this spooky mess. Download Hello Neighbor free online right here, right now – good luck!

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