Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires – Strategy RPG

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires – Strategy RPG Mod APK 2.21

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Category: Strategy
Compatible with: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)
Version: 2.21
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 72.60 MB
Developer: IGG.COM
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 29
MOD: Yes

Description for Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires – Strategy RPG APK

Create thy ideal world and build a perfect army of unstoppable heroes in Lords Mobile. With the inevitable end of the emperor’s lineage, there is no longer anyone to keep peace within the lands. The world has been plunged into chaos.

There’s still a hope. Thee can help return peace to the land, brave warrior. Thee must reclaim the Lords Mobile download, in order to proceed.

We’ll need to display thy talents for world-building and strategy. The Lords Mobile game will have thee take control of a small army, weak at first. With enough training and research, they’ll prove to be competent on the battlefield.

We’ll need plenty of supplies and barracks to manage the troops. An infirmary should keep them all healthy, and the academy will keep them knowledgeable of the enemy.

Let’s get our Heroes ready. Equip them well, promote our warriors when necessary. Waves of adversaries are approaching, but don’t waver. Keep thy head held high and proceed, forever onwards!

Thee are never alone, for there are allies in vicinity. Lords Mobile online capabilities will have thee teaming with the most loyal of companions. The battle is lost, my friend. But not the war. Lords Mobile APK is, but a click hither. Make the right choice

Thee must make haste; Lords Mobile needs us.

The Lords Mobile game is a world-building, real-time strategy RPG. This requires a high-level tactician to operate our army. We cannot have a losing war, so thee must prepare. Commit these notes to memory, and we just might have a winning chance.

We must first conquer enemy territories in a skirmish. Our army has just enough might to fare. If we can breach the enemy’s barrier, we’ll reach their forces. Once initiated in personal combat, victory is assured. Don’t lose faith in our troops. If their might isn’t great, retreat is necessary.

After conquering the land, we can build a few barracks. We’ll need to load on supplies and medical tools to remain active.

Thee should learn the fundamentals of Lords Mobile

I’m sure thee have noticed by now; Lords Mobile will have certain captains leading our armies. These Heroes are not limited in options either. With over 40 powerful and full capable soldiers in the front lines, there’s nothing to fear.

Take thy Heroes to Lord Mobile’s Hero Mode. Waves of enemies are advancing. If your Hero’s MP is full, the time to unleash a special skill is nigh. Defeating the boss will spell victory for us all.

Thee will be rewarded with trophies and additional Heroes to join our ranks. Equip Heroes with trophies to increase their stats. Fully equipped, promotion is necessary to boost thy Heroes ever-more.

Let us be wary of the time taken to complete tasks. Gems can be used to speed the process, but we recommend multi-tasking between waiting times. This will produce the most efficiency. If thee are too impatient to wait for task completion, simply use a minute booster to fasten the process.

Guilds can lend a helping-hand. If thee request more time boosting or might to conquer new territories, guild partners may accompany. Lords Mobile online offers PvP and PvE services. Friend-or-foe, thee are never alone.

Test thy might in the colosseum and annihilate any opposition. A great way to test our armies might, without any casualties or collateral damage.

Nigh, acquire Lords Mobile APK.

The Lords mobile download won’t cost thee any gems. Save all your treasures for boosting thy resources. Time is no luxury to be wasted. We’ve already put enough of it into our utilities. Lords Mobile APK is available now. Click the download link and we shall begin our reign.

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