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Additional Information of My PlayHome Hospital for Android

Category: Casual
Compatible with: 4.2
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 0 bytes
Developer: Shimon Young : Play Home Software
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 05
MOD: Yes

Description for My PlayHome Hospital APK

Download My PlayHome Hospital APK for Android and let your children have all the fun that’s to be had at the hospital, but within the safe environment of My PlayHome Hospital, they won’t be exposed to anything too brutal, gory or depressing, certainly My PlayHome Hospital doesn’t come with that sickly stench of hospital smell.

Instead My PlayHome Hospital offers a carefree approach to healthcare and lets your little ones play the part of the patient or the doctor, but without having to do anything too extreme, like delivering a stillborn baby. My PlayHome Hospital is kitted out with a range of options and functions as a perfect add-on to My PlayHome APK – which is also available to download free right here.

Why should I download My PlayHome Hospital APK on my Android?

Unless you live in one of those fancy countries where healthcare is free and provided by the state, My PlayHome Hospital lets players experience the wonders of modern medicine but without having to actually get sick and bankrupt the family. Your children are free to bandage up broken bones, rest up and take it easy in one of the many plush hospital rooms and never have to deal with issues such as gross negligence as a direct result of systemic under funding, nor will your child have to worry about arguing with insurance companies about whether or not Granddad gets a new heart, because in My PlayHome Hospital, there is no insurance, hooray!

With no insurance issues, no time limits, no scores, or even any leprosy, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your child is well on their way to Med School as a result of playing My PlayHome Hospital for hours on end, hours that you can use to catch up on all the parts of your life that fell by the wayside when you had kids.

Is My PlayHome Hospital a suitable Android game for my children?

My PlayHome Hospital comes from the beloved and much adored franchise of My PlayHome APK – a series of digital doll’s house games that has so far earned much respect of parents worldwide as a game that enables children to experience elements of the real world, without having to physically engage with those elements in reality.

It’s the app form of a social experiment or a developmental experience for your child as they can explore a whole heap of extensions to the original My PlayHome APK – such as My PlayHome School, My PlayHome Stores and of course, My PlayHome Hospital, where they learn about the real difficulties that arise when you’re faced suddenly and brutally with the notion of human mortality.

If you haven’t had “the chat” with your children, download My PlayHome Hospital and let them play with the Android game for a while, this will adequately give them a basis from which to understand your cold, grounding words better.

Download My PlayHome Hospital APK free here and start your children’s online education early with this edutainment app available here for free – download My PlayHome Hospital now.

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