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Additional Information of My PlayHome School for Android

Category: Casual
Compatible with: 4.2
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 54M
Developer: Shimon Young : Play Home Software
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 01
MOD: Yes

Description for My PlayHome School APK

Download My PlayHome School APK free now for Android and give yourself a break while the kids mess about trying to get their digitally created children to go to school. My PlayHome School is an interactive game, created by the same developers as My PlayHome, My PlayHome School serves as the most meta step in the games seemingly endless spin-offs so far.

Your children may or may not be in school yet, but what better way to prepare them for the enforced drudgery of the public education system than through this easy to use app? Download My PlayHome School and give your kids the head start they will surely need at school, following the inevitable climate apocalypse that we’ve all wittingly or otherwise created for the next generation.

What will my kids do with My PlayHome School?

This incredibly intuitive game allows your children to build on the experiences that they’ve already developed over the course of playing through My PlayHome and My PlayHome Stores, both of which are available on this site for free download on Android. Moving beyond the basics of sharing a living space without resorting to fists or drowning, My PlayHome School differs from the original and further still from the raw, unbridled capitalist joy of My PlayHome Stores, by allowing your children to explore the wonderful world of education.

Whether your kid is a young genius or something of a normal kid, My PlayHome School is bound to stimulate their curiosity in ways that underpaid, overworked public school teachers probably never will. My PlayHome School offers your kids the chance to test their strength and endurance with a variety of Physical Education games, or if they’re a bit nerdier and don’t like the physical contact sports, they can enjoy a chemistry experiment, work on giving a class speech or just enjoy the simplicity of life as a tiny human upon whom no real responsibilities ever impinge on the pure decency of human existence.

My children haven’t been to school yet, will My PlayHome School scare them?

Absolutely not – this game has been revered and championed by Common Sense Media, a veritable set of experts on child development and the suitability of games available for your children. Giving My PlayHome School and all other incarnations of My PlayHome APK a whopping five stars out of five should go some way to allaying your fears about the effect that My PlayHome School will have on your children.

Preparation for what comes next is key if your children are to develop at a normal rate, My PlayHome School is a brilliant app to download onto your Android device if you want to help your children experience all the fun sides of school life. All of the negative sides, such as bullying, rejection on Valentine’s Day and a gnawing sense of social inadequacy have been removed from the game to ensure that your children get a totally realistic experience of school before they start, courtesy of My PlayHome School.

Download My PlayHome School free now for Android. My PlayHome School APK is a great app, not to mention a lot of fun for your kids, so don’t delay – download today.

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