Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters Mod APK 2.12.2

NTT Resonant Inc. Role playing


Additional Information of Neo Monsters for Android

Category: Role playing
Compatible with: 4.1
Version: 2.12.2
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 93.88 MB
Developer: NTT Resonant Inc.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 22
MOD: Yes

Description for Neo Monsters APK

This is Neopets…oops, sorry, I mean Neo Monsters, now available to download as an APK for your mobile Android device. Many games on the Play Store have tried their hand at the success of Pokemon. People love to collect cute creatures, monsters, friends, animals – whatever you want to call them. Previous iterations of this game from the same studio, Dragon Island Blue and Hunter Island, introduced RPG elements and a story-line alongside catching creatures and spending real-life currency on these fluffy virtual critters.

Sure, this game is addictive. Very addictive, in the way that all games like this are. You get captured by a strange desire to just want more of these little monsters. Designed for children primarily of course, the predatory micro-transaction system is certainly not kid-friendly at all. We’ll get into that later.

The main premise of Neo Monsters APK is to battle it out across a vast RPG world. There are ‘epic’ 4v4 battles which rage between two teams, with up to 16 individual monsters available to roster. Promoted as a ‘unique turn-based battle system’, which, FYI, is not unique at all, you chain together various abilities to create sort of super-Saiyan modes for your Neo Monsters.

Hunt down the strongest monsters – i.e spend hundreds of dollars – and harness their power while harming your wallet. Take the battle online to fight against huge whales who’ve spent several thousand dollars on the game and have all the strongest dudes. Are you ready to take the *cough* exploitation of young gamers *cough* challenge?

Here are The Best Features of Neo Monsters APK

Neo Monsters has a fair few options here and there to keep you interested, though the main one is to build your collection of monsters. Unfortunately, this is based almost entirely on a currency which is quite difficult to find in-game…unless you buy it.

  • There are over 1000 fully animated individual monsters in Neo Monsters. Yeap. That’s a lot of them. Can you catch them all *cough* we mean, can you collect them all? You get monsters in a variety of ways but a lot of it comes from loot boxes and chests.
  • Train your monsters up along the RPG-style storyline. Unleash their potential on unexpecting foes. A bit like Pokemon, your creatures have unique personalities and abilities. Harness their individual talents to conquer foes.
  • OH, and just like Pokemon, you can evolve your monsters in Neo Monsters. OH, but to actually get around to evolving them you need to collect evolution ingredients, OH, by the way, these will probably require a fair bit of currency, both virtual and from your mumma or dadda’s actual wallet.

Forming a decent battle strategy for your New Monsters

  • You choose your perfect team with a roster of up to 16 monsters to draw upon in the times of greatest need. By the end game, you’ll need to have dreamed up the perfect combination of beasties, as the late-game bosses, enemies and battles will bleed you completely dry.
  • Defeat your opponents in the pretty tense 4v4 battles. If you’ve spent enough money or get lucky enough to form a competent team of monsters, the battles are actually quite fun and definitely can get competitive.
  • Combining abilities is essential. There are lots of different moves and if you can string them together in the right order, you can cause HUGE damage.

Work with your monsters to become the CHAMPION

  • There are up to six Leagues to overcome, and take on the Grand Champion in a story that spreads out over an impressive 60 hours of gameplay.
  • Explore different islands and multiple landscapes, from the tallest mountains to the lowest dungeons, on your epic journey.
  • As you play through, more of the interesting story is revealed.


  • Take to online arenas to battle against real-life players. This is a great feature of the game, one that is always super popular with players.
  • Thanks to low latency and ping stress, you can duel players from across the globe in intense PVP leagues. Rank higher for better rewards. Be careful out there, some of these players are addicted, skilled and carry a lot of cash.
  • As well as battles, there are also some cool online missions (over 100, actually) to encourage you to keep coming back to the online mode. WiFi is advised simply due to how much data the game might eat if you let it run on your data package.
  • There are weekly and daily events and challenges, plus potential seasonal events with special rewards. Put the time in and you can expect some awesome results. Some will cost you real-life cash, but these are events are the best chance for you to get your hands on good stuff through JUST playing the game.

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