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Category: Strategy
Compatible with: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Version: 2.9.05
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 93.92 MB
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 25
MOD: Yes

Description for Plants vs. Zombies FREE APK

Download Plants vs. Zombies APK free and get stuck into one of the most surreal and playful zombie games to have graced the small screen! Plants vs. Zombies APK is completely free to download and lets you take control of a varied garden of plants as you fend off a ravenous horde of brain-dead zombies that are attacking your home.

Dig in and stand your ground as the onslaught of zombies advances relentlessly on your turf, because in Plants vs. Zombies you’ll need all the soil you can get to keep your garden growing. With over 50 adventure levels to take on, you’re going to need a pretty big arsenal to keep the undead at bay! With 49 different seeds to grow and nurture into zombie-slaying plants, Plants vs. Zombies builds off the initial success of the franchise with this incredible Android adaptation that crams all the carnage of the cult classic into one easy to digest strategy game.

Download Plants vs. Zombies free right here and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! Can you survive the interminable march of the living dead in the Survival Mode? Do you have what it takes to get through all 50 of the campaign levels? Think you’ve got the green fingers needed to grow the perfect garden army? Many have tried, many have had their skulls smashed in and their brains eaten by zombies, Plants vs. Zombies is a delightfully challenging game that requires a bit more between the ears than the average zombie game.

I’ve never heard of Plants vs. Zombies, is there something wrong with me?

Well I’m not a doctor, but yes, it sounds like you’re awful – anyway, I have the cure! Read this brief history of Plants vs. Zombies and get a better understanding of how this beautifully bizarre tower defence game conquered the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere.

The game was initially released on Windows back in 2009, a full decade ago and relied on incredibly simplistic notions of zombie killing that saw a garden of plants take on “lanes” of zombies. These “lanes” basically meant that the zombies stayed the course and kept wandering in the same direction and the levels resembled a grid – almost like a chess board – that meant you could arrange your defences accordingly.

Creator, George Fan, wanted to create a blend between gritty strategy and something insufferably cute, which is fair to say he succeeded in doing with Plants vs. Zombies – a game that has endured the test of time for over 10 years now and continues to attract a mix of experienced gamers and those drawn to the incredibly unique title.

As Plants vs. Zombies continued to gain momentum, the game began to spawn new versions that were ready for different platforms, started with iOS and then moving onto Android as well, before developers PopCap Games joined forces with publishers EA Games to release console versions of the game, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare & Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, both of which morphed from tower defence style games into third-person shooters.

Since then, numerous incarnations of Plants vs. Zombies have appeared across almost every gaming platform imaginable and still, the cultural relic shows no sign of slowing down. With over 8 million players and 4.3 million five star reviews on Google Play Store, Plants vs. Zombies APK is an absolute must-have for gamers of both the casual and hardcore persuasion.

What features can I expect from Plants vs. Zombies APK?

Plants vs. Zombies may have many permutations now, but with this free download of Plants vs. Zombies APK you’re getting a beautiful revamp of the classic tower defence gameplay that stamped Plants vs. Zombies into the public consciousness ten years ago.

Employ more than just garden variety tactics to get the best of these smarter than your average zombies! You’ll need to pick your seeds very carefully and make the most of the ground you do have, not to mention ensuring you’ve got enough sunlight to keep the reinforcements coming – all is fair in love and war, but if you don’t get some sunflowers then you’re screwed!

Choose from a complex range of specialist plants – from sharpshooters to heavy ordinance, melee attackers and healing defenders – there are 49 different species of seed to choose from, each with their own unique foibles and abilities, not to mention personalities, so choose wisely when planting your garden of defence.

The 50 levels of adventure gaming take you through a range of environments, fight all day, all night, in the fog, underwater and from the air! Different environments require different tactics, so don’t get cocky when you think you’ve figured out how to take on some of the 26 different kinds of zombies. Brimming with a creative cohort of creepy foes, Plants vs. Zombies pushes your intelligence to the limit as you stave off attacks that come in all shapes and sizes.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to earn all 46 of the special achievements for zombie-slaying, then you should download Plants vs. Zombies APK right now and get to it – this game might come with cutesy looking graphics and a ridiculous concept, but it takes a battle-hardened strategist to come out on top against the armies of the living dead. Have you got what it takes? Find out and download Plants vs. Zombies free right now!

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