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Pokémon GO Mod APK 0.173.2

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Additional Information of Pokémon GO for Android

Category: Adventure
Compatible with: Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Version: 0.173.2
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 98.03 MB
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 23
MOD: Yes

Description for Pokémon GO APK

Download Pokemon Go APK to turn your Android into your Pokedex as you get out of your bedroom for the first time in years and hit the streets in search of pokemon. Join the 147 million monthly active users who live and breathe Pokemon Go as they scour the real world for digital pokemon. Pokemon Go APK takes the hit phenomenon of pokemon and gets you up off your ass and out into the great outdoors – which is, after all, where the pokemon roam free.

With Pokemon Go , you can finally be the pokemaster you were born to be – i.e. the very best, like no-one ever was, to catch them is your real test and to train them is your cause. Are you saddled with an urge to travel across the land, to search far and wide? Do you yearn to teach pokemon the power that’s inside? If so, download Pokemon Go and fulfil your fantasies to the best of the ability of developer, Niantic’s ability.

Naturally enough, you’re probably already aware of the gaming phenomenon that’s swept the world like a broom of change casting aside the dust of archaic gaming models. Pokemon Go became a leading disruptor in the gaming world as it took the whole concept of playing Pokemon Go to a completely different place than any of the predecessors in the franchise. If you’ve not already been able to download Pokemon Go APK, we strongly recommend that you do so now so as to be a part of this new dawn of gaming history that Pokemon Go has helped to usher in.

I’m from a previously uncontacted tribe and have never heard of Pokemon Go, what is it?

Only the highest grossing free to play mobile game of all time! Pokemon Go is also an exquisite branching out of an already wildly successful franchise – Pokemon Go represents the pinnacle of mobile gaming and currently stands unrivalled in terms of the get up and go gaming style.

Pokemon Go broke people’s minds when they were first introduced to it conceptually, so please make sure you’re sitting down when I break this to you, but Pokemon Go essentially lets you transform the world around you into a real live-action game of Pokemon. Once you download Pokemon Go, wherever you live has suddenly become populated with pokemon that only users of the game Pokemon Go can see, therefore you’re tasked with tracking them all down using the GPS to navigate the familiarity of the area you call home.

From here, you can catch wild pokemon, train them up and then do battle and trades with other pokemon trainers. It’s already proven to be one of the most wildly absorbing games of the century, lighting up the imagination of gamers worldwide and sending gamers, people who traditionally rest on a chair in front of their PC or console for days on end, out into the wild. Pokemon Go is turning a sedentary group of gamers into a rabid pack of power-walking maniacs, squabbling over digital monsters that only they can see.

So I bet some pretty weird stuff has happened since Pokemon Go came out?

Well I guess it is pretty strange that Pokemon Go made $2 billion USD revenue in under two years, which is completely unheard of for a mobile game, but yes – stranger things have happened surrounding Pokemon Go APK. Far stranger things, so let’s have a quick roundup of all the oddities and oddballs that Pokemon Go has produced in its relatively short history of existence as an Android game – also don’t forget, you can download Pokemon Go APK free here.

  • Pokemon Go had more first-week downloads than any other app in history
  • Japanese players filmed themselves chasing a pokemon down a famous haunted tunnel
  • Doctors around the world have released safety guides due to the number of injuries sustained by Pokemon Go taking big risks to catch digital pokemon
  • An Australian man lost his job in Singapore and had to leave the country after ranting online about the difficulty of catching pokemon there
  • Pokemon Go caused a stampede in New York when a rare pokemon, Vaporeon, was rumoured to be seen in Central Park, people literally abandoned their cars to catch it
  • South Korea had to develop a special bus service to Sokcho as it was the only city in the country where you could play Pokemon Go due to security reasons

So there you have it, Pokemon Go is not just a global gaming phenomenon, but also the instigator and often the main cause of a range of bizarre activities that couldn’t be expected from any other game.

Despite these freak incidents, people still revere Pokemon Go and it remains as popular now as ever – although more people are taking precautions and doing their best not to die in real life while chasing digital monsters around the real world.

To join in on the madness, the lunacy and the collective delusion, download Pokemon Go APK now for free and get sucked in! Download Pokemon Go free here – go catch them all. Free download of Pokemon Go available here. Download Pokemon Go to your Android device now.

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