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Welcome to Shadow Fight 3, a highly-rated mobile game developed by NEKKI. Now available as a free APK download you can bypass Google Play Store restrictions or access an older version of Shadow Fight 3. But why should you download it?

Best game features, reasons to download

Shadow Fight 3 is a 2D fighting game where you kit your warrior with a bunch of sweet loot to kick ass! There’s a huge range of enemies for you to slice through, so sharpen your blade and get that fancy helmet on.

Different weapons and loot

As you play Shadow Fight 3 you’ll unlock new gear for your character. This includes a wide range of different weapons and armor, from sophisticated katana swords to medieval chain-mail. Each armor and weapon has their own special attributes which can either help or hinder your typical play-style.

Special abilities to customize your playstyle

As well as all the cool weapons you can choose from there are also lots of different perks and special abilities you can use to destroy your opponents. Plus there’s an addictive progression system that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Detailed story and world map

One of the best parts of Shadow Fight 3 is its intense and long story. This really sets it apart from other simple mobile apps you can download as an APK. Even though the game only runs in 2D graphics – as it is an Android game after all – the scenery really is beautiful.

No multiplayer mode…but there are multiplayer leaderboards

You can compete against A.I characters in a weekly tournament – these A.I vary in strength per battle and get progressively harder. Each score you get is stacked up and you get an overall score at the end of the week. Can you hit the top 100?

There are lots of awesome features in Shadow Fight 3. We love the fact that you can just download this big, awesome game straight off the web as an APK. Once you have, you’ll be struck at the satisfying lack of intrusive in-game purchases and generally a great experience from the first moment you load the app. Give it a go.

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