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Soul Knight is one of the best mobile games you can download if you’re up for a time-killer. For such a large and action-packed game, the apk file is only small! Plus, once you’ve downloaded the game…that’s it, you can play offline for as long as you want…but you won’t be able to watch the videos to get extra lives! If you’ve ever got stuck into an amazing game like Binding of Isaac, Soul Knight is similar in its rogue-like progression and varied items and funny bosses.

So what is Soul Knight?

Soul Knight is an awesome pixel-graphics bullet hell game in which you command a host of different heroes through tricky dungeons. The dungeons are packed with all sorts of alien demons and weird creatures that want to eat your face right off! The variety in the monsters is what makes Soul Knight such a fun game and such a brilliant game to download as an apk.

Explore multiple dungeons across varying levels, collect a wide range of wicked crazy weapons, dodge the manic bullets from your opponents and survive for as long as you can.

How does a game like this even work on Android?

Thanks to the awesome interface design and intuitive control system Soul Knight plays surprisingly well, especially if your phone is on the higher-end of the spec spectrum.

One of the best features is the built-in auto-aim. This completely sidesteps the frustrating aspect of mobile phone gaming, one that’s especially prevalent in mobile shooter games: the dodgy aiming with a sweaty finger.

Plus, one of the most important things in a bullet hell game is obviously your ability to dodge bullets…which works very well, because Soul Knight runs super smooth for a shooting game on Android.

And the game doesn’t even leave it at that.

  • There are 170 weapons to pick up and try out!
  • Each dungeon is randomly generated, offering you a new experience every single time you play. That’s crazy for a game you can download for free as an APK!
  • You never fight alone – hire NPCs during the levels to assist you and improve your firepower.

So are you looking for an awesome game to waste away your dull moments? Want all the fun of a game that might cost $10 for free in the palm of your hand? Waste no more time and download Soul Knight for free as an APK now.

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