Strong Granny

Strong Granny Mod APK 1.37

THFN Games Arcade

Download Strong Granny mod APK – latest version – for Android to experience the power of grandma on steroids. Grow your followers and pull heavier things.


Additional Information of Strong Granny for Android

Category: Arcade
Compatible with: 4.4
Version: 1.37
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Size: 41.56 MB
Developer: THFN Games
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 14
MOD: Yes

Description for Strong Granny APK

The world’s strongest granny is here – and she’s powerful! Download Strong Granny mod APK now to see just how powerful granny can get. She gives you treats, she tells you you’re handsome, and now she pulls massive weights around town, attracting thousands of followers who throw money at her in support.

Crazy Granny lives with Lazy Grandpa and she doesn’t have it good. She’s essentially living in a life of torment while her cats and husband just lay around and get dragged by her all day. She’s getting angry about that. And that makes granny more powerful.

The world’s strongest granny

The angrier granny gets, the more she can pull. This isn’t exactly happening in isolation to the world, either. People from all over will come to see granny pull heavier and heavier things down the street. Switch granny on and make her pull things down the street to level her up.

Reach level 10 for Robux: If you get granny all the way up to level 10, then you’re start unlocking Robox for the Roblox platform. Now that’s a juicy bonus! If you’re a Roblox fan, then this is your way to earn some more Robox to build new things in the MMO game.

Level Granny up: As she gets more hardcore, you can level granny up so she can carry heavier loads, pull quicker, and attract more fans. More fans means more money which can be spent on upgrading granny’s kit so she can lift even heavier loads. This is one badass granny.

Tap on granny: Want granny to move faster? Tap, tap, tap! The more you tap, the faster she pulls. Tap on granny to make her pull all the weight she can muster and get it across town to impress more folks. Then they’ll give you more money for you to spend on upgrading her walker. Good job!

Grow your audience: See if you can make granny the most popular weight lifting 90 year old in the world. Grow your fan base and put granny on the map – and in the record books!

Unlock a rocket-propelled walker: Granny’s walker is how she gets around, and even though she can pull massive weigh around, it’d all be for nothing if she didn’t have her trusty walker. You can use the cash you earn to upgrade her walker to be more powerful and eventually you can upgrade it to feature rockets that will send Granny soaring down the road with huge things in tow (like container ships).

Suggest new loads

This game hasn’t been downloaded millions of times, so the developers still actually listen to their fans. That means that you can get creative about what loads you’d like to see in the game and then suggest them in the reviews section. Want granny to pull a Tiger Tank? Say so in the review section and the developers will get to work including your suggestion in the game in the future.

Download Strong Granny mod APK for Android

Ready to take granny out for a stroll? Let’s go! Download Strong Granny mod APK for Android now to get in on the Crazy Granny action. See if you can make her the strongest granny in the world – and stop her from getting too angry at Lazy Grandpa and the cats.

Remember: you can unlock Robux if you get granny past level 10, so keep playing and make sure that you’re tapping as fast as you can!

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