Township Mod APK 7.4.0

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Additional Information of Township for Android

Category: Casual
Version: 7.4.0
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 149.25 MB
Developer: Playrix
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 08
MOD: Yes

Description for Township APK

Township is a free-to-play city-building game for your Android device, available now as an APK download. Developed by Playrix Studios, Township was originally released way back in 2013 to build off the popularity of other progressive city, farm and town building games available on Social Media. Like Farmville, for example.

Since then the game has undergone many updates and upgrades, including improvements to the graphics, constant content updates and more social features. Download the most recent version here, or a version that suits your Android device, and get playing now!

Township, however, took the genre to a new level. More complex, in-depth and way more interesting, this game is a total time-sink and you’ll likely get very addicted to it. If you’re looking for something to play with your friends or just completely enjoy, give it a go. This is more than just farming – this is how you build an entire town!

What can you do in your Township?

The main goal is to build the perfect town. It’s that simple. You start off with a single farm and you must build upon your future empire! Harvest the crops (of your choosing), try to optimize your crops to suit your schedule. Then you have to set up your processing facilities, which include things like mills and dairies. Finally, sell on your products and use the profits to build more!

Plus, farming is only the beginning. To create a truly wonderful Township, you need to keep your citizens happy! For example…what’s your favorite fruit? If it’s bananas, then we agree. In Township you can set up trade routes with exotic countries to bring better and more exciting goods and crops to your town! Then, open restaurants, cinemas, bars, and other buildings to help foster a beautiful society.

Other unique things you can do in your town include checking out the mine to find ancient and rare artifacts to attract history tourists to your town, or run your own zoo and collect and preserve animals from across the globe.

Here’s a rundown of the best Township features and mechanics!

  • There are dozens of different buildings and decorations that you can use to make your town truly beautiful! From fountains, to trees and parks, to restaurants, bars and houses. Lots of different things are added all the time! Keep updated with Townships.
  • A huge variety of crops available, possibly more than any other free-to-play farming game we’ve come across to date.
  • The storyline is pushed forward by a lot of charismatic and interesting town citizens who give you tasks and farming quests!
  • Both the town and local mine are full of all sorts of interesting artifacts and secrets to discover, adding a little more detail to the game.
  • Beyond all your crops to harvest, you also have lots of different farm animals to love and care for. Pigs, cows, chickens and more.
  • Managing the expansion of your town requires careful planning. There is a lot of complicated factors you need to focus on if you want to become a successful mayor.
  • Once you’ve cared for all those farm animals, open a zoo in town to inspire the kids and care for rare species! Conservation is important in the world of Township.
  • Famous landmarks and other iconic buildings to help bring your town to life!

Overall, Townships is a lot of fun. Download the APK now with a decent WiFi connection and it is recommended you play the game while connected to the internet so your progress can be handily saved on the Cloud. Plus, you can connect your social media accounts like Google+, Facebook and more.

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