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MMA Manager Mod APK 0.31.3

Prey Studios Thể thao

Download MMA Manager Mod APK and get the chance to win a tournament in one of the most interesting games.

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Chuyên mục: Thể thao
Tương thích với: 4.1
Phiên bản: 0.31.3
Giá: Free
Tác giả John Arthur
Dung lượng: 71.60 MB
Nhà phát triển: Prey Studios
Tải về trên Google Play
Ngày cập nhật: 2020/ 04/ 12
Mod Yes

Mô tả cho MMA Manager APK

With professional boxers from several various parts of the world, this game is modeled to the finest combat sports tournaments in the world.

Players participating in the MMA Manager game will serve as the coach of the fearsome boxers. They will also guide them in the brutal fight, not supportive of the other boxers.

This is because the other boxers have their own coaches or managers. Players should recruit boxers with various categories of martial abilities to build and send them into the most competitive competitions.

In all tournaments, the only aim is to defeat each adversary, and then obtain the coveted championship.

Each of the fighters is the pro of a unique martial arts. Their ultimate aim is to leverage on their martial arts to win the topmost ranking to lead the tournament. 

Gameplay and Graphics

This game borrows information from the world\’s biggest martial arts competition. This is a tournament where artists in their respective martial specialties from around the world come to the battle for the top prize.

MMA Manager will have a narrative-based popular experience for users to finish designated missions; PvP styles with players from every part of the world to earn important rewards; and eventually, the ranking mode for users that fights for a high score on the rankings of the game.

MMA Manager\’s gameplay is pretty easy but it also involves that you will have to use your brain a lot.

Most of the matches are automated inside the game.

But then, the manager\’s job to help the fighter win the competition by having to dish out the strategies.

Plus they also help them to concentrate on the abilities and utilize the point of weaknesses of the opponent.

MMA Manager includes a lot of fun and complex gameplay modes for players.  Greater rewards means that you have more wins.

This can be utilized to enhance the stats of the fighter. The game\’s backdrop is built using the amazing 3D framework, in the animation style, offering players the best scenes for action.

This MMA Manager game is built in a cartoon-style 3D graphics with a nice outlook. Martial arts action games and wrestling games are recreated in the smoothest and most realistic manner.

Character design is very eye-catching, displaying their toughness clearly through the toned body.

Download MMA Manager MOD APK

The Mod version of this game is better than the non-mod version for quite some reasons.

The Mod version of this game predominantly features:

  • Always Win


Generally, MMA Manager is an action tournament and interesting game that existing and new players will find interesting.

Also, the game features superior graphics and some adorable characters that you can unlock as you progress in the game.

Download MMA Manager mod apk now.

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