Download Apps free on APKNite. We have a massive collection of all the best Apps available from the Google Play Store that you can download safely and for free. We check every App uploaded to APKNite and put the power into the user's hands by creating a rating and report system so that people can leave honest reviews of each download. This is one of the many ways we keep you safe while you’re out there finding new apps to install.

APKNite features 1000s of apps and games updated on a daily basis. Each app features a detailed guide on how to download, install and then how to use the apps. We also include lots of cool information to read through regarding the apps and how they came to be and what the main functions of them are.

Whatever your reasons for downloading an APK for your Android device may be, APKNite is a brand new site dedicated to collecting all the best free apps out there! Download safely and securely right here.

What apps are there on APKNite?

Pretty much anything you can imagine. You have your standard popular apps that the majority of people use, like Messenger, Facebook Lite and Instagram. Snapchat, VidMate and Air Camera are all other very popular apps. We categorize everything in terms that will be useful to find what you’re looking for. There are social apps, photo editing apps and apps for downloading video and images.

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Benefits of using an APK App Downloader

There are lots of reasons why downloading APKs is a great to solutions to problems you might be having with your Play store. Whether the app you want to use is region locked or your phone is too old to handle the newest versions then these APK apps will help you solve these problems. We’ve collected and recorded old versions of apps so you can download and install them wherever you are!

Plus, downloading APKs is safe, fast and secure. You don’t even need to open the Play store! Thankfully, even when you download the file as an APK it will still go through the updates when you head to the store, if that’s what you want. That makes sure you won’t get left behind even if you choose to go the APK way.

Last, but not least, jump into our selection of awesome apps and kit out your phone with all the latest tech and utilities to improve your life!