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KineMaster – Pro Video Editor Mod APK

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Kategorie: Video players & editors
Kompatibel mit: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Preis: Free
Autor: Harry Alston
Größe: 80.47 MB
Entwickler NexStreaming Corp.
Hol es dir auf: Google Play
Aktualisiert: 2019/ 04/ 16
MOD: Yes

Beschreibung für KineMaster – Pro Video Editor APK

Download KineMaster APK free on Android now and you too can become the ultimate video editing maestro with this unbelievably professional free video editing app. KineMaster is leading the small screen revolution when it comes to video editing – there’s no other app available that packs as much punch as KineMaster APK.

Whether you’re looking to simply touch up short videos or create more complex, professional projects, KineMaster is the perfect app for both novice and experienced editors. KineMaster APK is a testament to the sheer versatility of mobile technology and certainly, the development of KineMaster as a free app is a reflection of just how far our devices have come. Now you can shoot, edit and share professional looking videos all on one device – KineMaster is honestly ground-breaking.

Video Editing with KineMaster APK

When you download KineMaster, you’re downloading one of the most powerful video editing suites available on mobile devices, but it’s not just against other device based editing software that KineMaster comes out on top. The range of tools available in KineMaster APK make it stand out against even PC or Mac based products and should certainly be considered by anyone looking to make more professional videos.

Few video editing apps let you do as much for free as KineMaster does. Bristling with features that give you an astonishing level of control over your video content, KineMaster is not simply another throwaway video editing app, this is a legitimate pro tool and yet despite this, KineMaster APK remains remarkably easy to use.

Even for first time editors, the interface of KineMaster is simple enough to master after a little bit of experimentation and yet it contains tools diverse enough to create genuinely great content in the palm of your hand.

What can I do with KineMaster – it’s only a free video editing app after all!

With a fully functional Media Panel situated on the right of the KineMaster interface, this is where you can add layers – not just a continuous primary layer, but also a more sporadic secondary layer, allowing you to overlay other videos, photos, audio, even stickers and emojis on top of your initial videos. From here you can add more media into the project you’re working on with KineMaster.

KineMaster really shines through on the Action Bar – which is essentially the toolbox from which KineMaster allows you to really go to town on your projects. Not just a means of tweaking videos slightly, the Action Bar has a range of options that will change depending on what’s selected in the timeline. Mess about with absolutely any element of the video – from the colour and opacity, right through to cropping, rotation, speed and almost anything else you’d want to do.

Then, right down at the bottom, there’s your timeline, which will become more and more crowded as you add extra layers, but here is where you can preview your KineMaster project and watch your work of art develop over time as you work on it.

Getting the most out of KineMaster APK

You already know by now that you’re going to download KineMaster, but one quick word of warning – such a fantastic app can only be offered for free in exchange for a few little concessions that are worth going over here.

To download KineMaster and operate the app to its full potential, you’ll probably need a pretty high-end device with plenty of RAM. KineMaster is versatile enough to function properly without it, but to make the editing experience as smooth as it ought to be on KineMaster, you should really be making sure that you’ve got a powerful enough Android to cope with such intense video editing.

Another minor issue – all of your projects will feature a small watermark in the top right-hand corner, saying “Made with KineMaster” which is obviously less than ideal, but is one of the few instances where you’re actually reminded that KineMaster is a free app. You can pay monthly or annually to unlock a few more effects and in doing so, you also remove the watermark, but even in the case that you’re using KineMaster for commercial purposes, the watermark is fairly minimal.

Effects, transitions and other advanced editing techniques can only be applied to the primary timeline, so if you’re hoping to edit footage and then overlay it into another project on KineMaster, you’ll need to do it logically and start by editing the secondary layer in its own project, before beginning the master project, as certain editing tools are only applicable to the primary timeline in any KineMaster project.

Exporting your project is simple enough too – once you’ve gone through the hours of editing required to create something truly brilliant, KineMaster gives you the option of selecting the quality of your final video. KineMaster is capable of producing content that runs on resolution from 360P to 4K – although a lot of this will basically be limited to an extent by the quality of your device, the camera the footage was shot on and where you’re planning on releasing the finished project.

All in all though, download KineMaster APK and you’ll see that this is far more than just another cheap knock-off editing suite. God knows there are enough of them plastered around the internet as it is, but KineMaster sure ain’t one of them.

Well-rounded, intuitive enough that even an idiot could make a pretty convincing video through it, but dynamic enough that it’ll satisfy professional editors’ needs, KineMaster isn’t just for either end of the spectrum, it’s a good all-rounder, capable of pleasing everyone.

Download KineMaster APK free here and start building your own project. KineMaster to download for free, available here, just click download KineMaster free to get your copy of this revolutionary video editing app.

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