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The only thing that can make GTA 5 more epic is a GTA 5 android version. Apart from the distinct lack of GTA 5 mobile, the game itself is groundbreaking and amazing. There is so much depth into the world of GTA 5 by Rockstar, that you’ll spend years exploring it fully.


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I’ve spent around 500 hours in the world of GTA 5 and would spend another 500 if it had a GTA 5 android version released. Download GTA 5 to know for yourself why this game is amazing. There are so many things that make the open world crime simulator so lucrative to gamers across the world. Sure, GTA online is making all the money for the publisher, but it’s the single-player campaign that makes it such a compelling and interesting game for gamers.

Los Santos

An open world game without an interesting open world is going to die really quickly. We’ve seen that happen time and time again with big franchises, the prime example would be the Assassin’s Creed series by Ubisoft. They had to reset the whole franchise and take a year off to restructure how they are open world games were made. Rockstar, on the other hand, are masters of incredibly dense open worlds. Los Santos is a well-populated and lived-in city with diverse terrain. You’ll find beaches that are incredibly glamorous, barren deserts, high mountains, and dense cityscapes.

Rockstar made an incredible open world that allows you to explore and be immersed in it. You can watch people go by talking on the phone while the sun sets organically. When it rains, the city lights reflect off the pavements and roads, just walking in and soaking yourself in digital rain is an incredibly rewarding experience. One can wonder how the experience will translate to GTA V Android if it were to happen. While the engine is capable of displaying stunning images, we’re not sure it would work well on mobile devices.


An open world game is not going to be a good one unless it has interesting characters in it. And for the first time in franchise history, Grand Theft Auto 5 brought in 3 separate protagonists for the single-player campaign. While it may seem impossible to pull off, the developers really tie the correctors together in a very organic and logical way.

Franklin is a relatively young African-American man who is capable of driving vehicles expertly. When the game starts he is working as a repo man and his life is not going anywhere until he meets Michael. Michael is an ex-criminal who is living the American dream in witness protection. However, the easy life is not suiting him well and he is frustrated with his current circumstances. His marriage is in shambles, his daughter is shallow and wants to become famous, and his son thinks he is a hotshot gangster who likes to play video games. Download GTA 5 now to dive into their stories.

The 3rd one is the most complicated and controversial character in GTA 5. Trevor is an old friend of Michael but now makes meth in the desert. He is a psychotic and terrifying human being which makes him an equally interesting character. He does some really vile actions during the course of the story and stands out not only from characters of this game but also past Grand Theft Auto video games as well. And then there is a slew of interesting side characters that give you missions and really help develop the feeling of being in an alive world.


The narrative of GTA 5 Android will probably the same as the one we’ve seen in the main game. There won’t be any big changes to it and that’s probably for the best. It is a very wild and narrative from a story perspective, it is because there is a huge demand for diversity in missions. The developers cannot use the same type of mission, again and again, to further propagate the narrative so they wrote the narrative around the missions really well. You’re taken from one place to another in a single mission and almost all of the main story missions differ wildly from each other. We are not going to spoil any means story points here because that would ruin the experience for you when you eventually download GTA 5 yourself. But it is a wonderfully written story with great dialogues and fantastic voice acting, especially from the main 3 protagonists.

Overall speaking, Grand Theft Auto 5 has some lose points but it is a great package when it comes to narrative. The story ends up being tied neatly by the end and you’ll feel you had some really tough choices to make during the main story. Of course, there are many side missions that you can enjoy as well and they also very beautifully written.

Download GTA 5 Android:

Unfortunately, as of now, we have absolutely no confirmation that GTA 5 for android even exists. The success of GTA online has made Rockstar a Lot of money and we predict that we won’t see a GTA 5 Mobile until the next iteration of the franchise is released. It’s been a long while since the game originally debuted on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Surely, the developers are planning on making the next big GTA title. Until then, we have a few interesting links that you can follow and download stuff from. However, you can definitely play other famous games from Rockstar Games like: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

They are not about Grand Theft Auto 5, but they will certainly keep you busy and entertained for a very long time. If you have any questions or queries about GTA 5 Android or just want to leave your opinions, feel free to contact us. We always love talking about new downloadable stuff and old games that are beautifully made.

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