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Word Connect : Word Search Games Mod APK 6.1

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Kategorie: Wort
Kompatibel mit: VARY
Version: 6.1
Preis: Free
Autor: Harry Alston
Größe: 41.68 MB
Entwickler Word Connect Games
Hol es dir auf: Google Play
Aktualisiert: 2020/ 03/ 15
MOD: Yes

Beschreibung für Word Connect : Word Search Games APK

Word Connect: Word Search Games is an awesome game for those word legends out there. If you’ve got some time to kill and a brain to train, then this Word Puzzle game you can download as an apk is the perfect game for your Android phone! Discover hidden words in a big jumble of letters.

As all free Android games go, this starts out easy and progressively gets harder and harder. In fact, compared to many apk word puzzle games, Word Connect is one of the most challenging. Even if you think you’ve got your hands deep in the interesting pile of goop that is the English language, this game will test you to your breaking point. Sharpen your spelling skills. Are you a walking dictionary or a dog?

Try out this fun game now!

Easy guide on how to complete Word Connect levels

  • Swipe the correct letters vertically, horizontally, diagonally, forwards and backwards to form one specific word. You might get lost or confused as the game misleads you towards what is the correct word, but that’s part of the puzzle.
  • However, the game will reward you for coming up with as many words as you possibly can. Think outside the box. There are some strange words out there in the lexicon of the English language. Can you think of them all?
  • The more words you discover, the more levels you unlock and you can also earn bonus coins to help you out with those moments you get stuck. And trust us, you will get stuck!
  • Every block requires you to fill it with a word. Half crossword, half word search, this is Word Connect! Earn more coins when you discover the words marked with a star.
  • Use coins to buy tips and help you solve each level!

Fun features of Word Connect

  • One of the cool things that Android games do is give you daily rewards! All you need to do is log-in and collect your reward. A great way to keep you playing day after day.
  • There are a crazy 40+ different word packs to choose from and a staggering 800 levels! Can you complete them all? Can your brain handle it?
  • To get you started, Word Connect gives you 300 coins to help you get past those tricky parts. After that you’ll have to earn your own.
  • Increasing difficulty, never give up and just keep trying! Mark your progress with the growing Word Tree, a compelling incentive to keep playing.
  • If you run out of coins and are really, really stuck on a level then you can just watch some short adverts to get more coins – this is the sort of advertising for free apps that we can get behind. Not too intrusive and completely optional.
  • If you don’t want to get any adverts whatsoever, play the game wherever and whenever you want by going offline!
  • Every grid is checked by WORD EXPERTS and MACHINES to make sure you’re not gonna get stuck on an impossible level. The developers KNOW how frustrating that would be.

Word Connect is a fantastic game to download as an apk. If you love these sorts of puzzles then this is one of the best you can get on the Play Store.

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